“The Submissive One!”







Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law go toe to toe, and submission for submission in this instant classic, submission wrestling double beatdown!  Alex is the champ, and is center ring gloating about herself when Athena enters and challenges the thicc brunette.  Alex accepts Athena’s challenge only to endure a humiliating, back bending, total submission beatdown!  Camel clutches, vicious hairpulling, surfboards, bow and arrow, and many more holds that bend America’s BEST Jobber in half, almost snapping the PAWG in two!  A mercy KO puts alex out and gives Athena the win, awarding her the Championship belt!  Athena adds to Alexandria’s humiliation by making the MILF kneel and put the belt on her and kiss it!  Alex can’t believe the beating she just took and demands and immediate rematch!  Athena accepts, and the two warriors lock-up again!  This time it is Alexandria’s turn!  Athena endures horrific, one-sided punishment as Alex destroys her with submission after submission, utilizing the ropes and corners to aid in the punishment!  Athena is a mere pile of jobber when Alex does the splits on her face in the ultimate show of dominance.  A final pin wins Alex her title back!  Love a good back-and-forth battle?  Download this INSTANT CLASSIC, NOW!



Length: 21:12

Size: 1 GB