“The Queen’s Servant!”







Platinum Fury turns cocky, trash talking Harper Rose to pathetic, whimpering, jobber Harper in this super sexy, one sided beatdown!  Harper starts by interrupting Platinum in the middle of her promo to challenge her to a match.  Platinum accepts and we officially have a fight on our hands!  Harper’s hopes are swiftly dashed as Platinum serves her a painful beating in this classic jobber vs heel, blonde vs brunette, squash match!  Harper is bent and beaten silly with everything from vicious ground and pound, to painful submissions and almost break her brunette opponent in half.  Rear naked chokes, Boston crab, camel clutch, bow and arrow, various scissor holds, and more!  This match is all Platinum as she pummels Haper from pillar to ring post before finally picking up the W with a crushing reverse headscissor!




Length: 09:34

Size: 1 GB