“The Queen’s Seat!”






Simple.  Athena knows she is the true queen.  Athena knows Alex should not be holding that belt.  Athena has decimated Alex with ease, SEVERAL times, yet Alex stands in the center of “her” ring, with “her” belt, boasting.  Athena has had enough and confronts Alex.  Alex, petrified and well aware of the havoc Athena can reap on her, is reduced to obeying Athena’s every command.  Athena loves that she is interrupting Alexandria’s promo and makes sure Alex’s fans are watching.  Athena pulls down her pants revealing her thong bikini, and orders Alexandria to her knees and commands the phat butt jobber to crawl to her ass so she can accept her fate.  Alexandria, aware she has no choice but to obey Athena rather than suffer anther beating, gets on her knees and crawls to Athena where Athena proceeds to grab Alex by the hair and smother the poor jobber with her sexy ass!  Athena then spends the duration the match using Alexandria’s beautiful face as a seat for the Queen’s beautiful ass!  Alexandria is facesat, ass smothered, and stinkfaced in every corner and center ring!  How much humiliating punishment can Athena dish out before she grows bored, and how will she end her pathetic opponent?  Download to find out!




Length: 17:52

Size: 1.85 GB