“The Mad Wedgier!”






The Mad Wedgier (Sarah Brooke) invades the MMW Dojo with plans of Ultra-Humiliation!  Her target, SuperBJ (Alexandria Hamilton).  The Mad Wedgier can’t stand BJ’s happy-go-lucky attitude.  Always smiling, so bubbly, The Mad Wedgier hates her, and plans on humiliating the Super Jobber with her Mad Wedgie attacks!  SuperBJ loudly proclaims that no one will ever wedgie her, and she will never lose to mere wedgies!  The two women lock-up in a test of strength.  BJ takes an early advantage but in an instant the Mad Wedgier gains super strength and begins overpowering BJ!  BJ drops to her knees in agony as the Mad Wedgier wrenches her poor wrists back.  Alex drops to her back and is quickly ripped to her feet by her hair where TMW proceeds to crush her weak opponent in a devastating bearhug!  BJ’s arms are trapped and TMW is in full control.  As BJ fades TMW drops to her knees and delivers several crushing low blow uppercuts between BJ’s legs!  BJ is stunned and can only sway as she tries to regain her fighting spirit.  TMW wastes no time, she bends BJ over and administers a horrific, deep, painful wedgie, yanking BJ’s leotard, splitting the Super Milf in half!  BJ screams in pain and flails but TMW is in full control, grabbing handfuls of BJ’s phat, round, pantyhose covered bottom, shaking and jiggling it around, displaying her jobber for future opponents, making it clear that no woman can escape the Mad Wedgier.  The duration of the match see’s TMW destroying BJ with a barrage of wedgie punishment, horrific face punches, crippling breast mauls, camel clutches, crossfaces, breast smothers, surfboard, arm locks, leg locks, booty punishment, back breakers,low blows, and more and more wedgies!  TMW bends BJ over the middle turnbuckle where she spanks the Super PAWG! A beautiful spanking session before again displaying her win by grabbling handfuls of her sexy round booty!  TMW exits the ring but can’t help but to deliver a final KO punch to BJ that leaves her folded in half, draped over the middle turnbuckle!  Match, The Mad Wedgier!  Who will she target next?




Length: 21:42

Size: 2.21 GM