“The Lawless!”






Vixey finally meets Athena Law and teaches her a painful lesson in humility in this lop sided, ring shaking, classic, jobber vs. heel beatdown!  Athena spent too much time trying to look cute in her bubblegum pink tights to prepare for the pure devastation Vixey inflicts on her.  Punches, kicks, knees, stomps, belly punches, hairpulling, pedigree, stunner, back breaker, low blows, bow and arrow, schoolgirl pin, matchbook pin, figure 4 headscissor, reverse headscissor, bearhug, bonzai drop, splashes, camel clutch, surfboard, rope work, corner work, skull crusher, rear chinlock, sleeperhold, and more!  A final leghook pin scores Vixey the W and the victory pose as she leaves Athena to take the stumbling walk of shame to back to the MMW locker room.




Length:  14:55

Size: 1.3 GB