“The Last Heel!”





Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law have a classic, back-&-forth, pro-style war in THIS sexy, stiff, pro-wrestling showcase-turned shoe licking beatdown!  Tons of give-&-take action, ring shaking slams, strikes, submissions, corner work and rope work.  Alex getting an early advantage, making Athena kiss her shoes, however this is NOTHING compared to the smorgasbord of shoe, Athena feeds Alex after securing the leg hook pin and 3-count!  Back to the contest!  Bodyslams, camel clutch, vicious hair pulling, surfboard, belly punches, DDT, facebuster, brain buster, pedigree, snap mares and more!  What a war!  Finally, Athena overcomes Alex, scoring the W and holding Alex on her hands and knees by a fistful of hair as she makes Alex kiss and LICK her shoes!




Length:  17:39

Size:  1.82 GB