“The Great Punishing!”






Platinum Fury and Athena Law team up to take on Alexandria Hamilton and Tovah Nicks in this fast paced, action packed, Tag Team showdown!  From the initial lockup Tovah, and Alex are battered, beaten, bent, rwisted, and utterly destroyed with vicious onslaughts of punches, kicks, stomps, slams, submissions, and dirty, double team tactics!  Headlocks, pedigrees, stunner, matchbook pin, sleeper, camel clutch, schoolgirl pins sleeperholds, low blows, rope work, skull crusher, corner work, hair pulling, and tons more!  Finally, one team member is made to scissor in to submission her partner before being laid to waste herself in the middle of the MMW Ring!


Length: 17:16

Size: 1.6 GB