“The Fix!”







Lizzy Hamilton returns to the MMW ring to lockup with sexy new MMW powerhouse, Vixey in this ultra sexy, blonde vs brunette, thicc chick beatdown!  Lizzy is all smiles as she makes her way to the ring, well aware of the back to back beatings Vixey laid on her little sister Alexandria, Lizzy is confident she can take the new chick and beat the bully like a good big sister does!  Vixey is a wrecking machine.  Having destroyed every girl she’s shared the ring with, she is eager to sink her claws into Lizzy and thirsty to slay another Hamilton!  From the lockup Lizzy is totally outclassed, and dominated, as Vixey feeds her a stiff beatdown!  Punches, kicks, stomps, choke holds, hair pulling, wedgies, matchbook pin, headscissor, guillotine, bulldog, stunner, face buster, leg locks, low blows, corner work, rope work, camel clutch, surfboard, back breaker, bearhug, bow and arrow, back breaker hairpull, schoolgirl pin, headlocks, belly punches, sleeperholds, and more!  Lizzy has no answer to Vixey’s assault.  A final submission hold ends the night for the blonde milf, as Vixey sets her foot upon yet another slain Hamilton!



Length: 12:21

Size: 1.1 GB