“The Defender!





Greasy Rose travels from the Midwest to try to topple MMW Champion, Alexandria Hamilton, in this sexy, back-&-forth, pro-style war!  Tons of give-&-take action with each lady serving and receiving plenty of punishment!  From vicious hair pulling to devastating strikes and painful submission, the lady’s give it their all as they try to capture or keep that gold strap!  Guillotines, rope work, corner work, belly punches, skull crusher, splashes, bow and arrow, snap mare, scissorholds, leg-locks, clotheslines, bonzai drop, camel clutch, steiner recliner, lotus locks and more!  Alex, the defender the belt, gives Rose all she has, getting rather torn up in the process, a devastating finisher ends the night for Greasy Rose, allowing Alex to hold on to the belt for another day, and take it to another match!  Winner, Alexandria Hamilton!




Length:  13:22

Size:  1.37 GB