“The Crimson Heel!” 3






General Silver returns!  After decimating Alexandria Hamilton, and most recently, Platinum Fury, the Russian heel returns to find Megan Jones geared-up and ready to take on the undefeated bruiser!  General Silver is more than happy to feed Megan a stiff beating, and that, she does!  Straight from the lock-up Gen. Silver takes control and never lets up as she spends the duration of the match punishing Megan in painful, and humiliating fashion!  So much pro-style dirty tactics!  So much trash-talk!  General Silver takes her time and enjoys inflicting pain of sexy Megan!  Hair pulling, submission holds, slams, strikes, and everything needed to make this squash match and instant classic!  From the Bearhugs to the Boston Crab.  The Snap Mares to the Camel Clutches.  The Clotheslines, the Splashes, headlocks, taunting, guillotines, rope work, & corner work.  Everything up until the final leg-hook pin and victory pose, enjoy this 3rd installment to the ever-popular “Crimson Heel” Series!




Length: 10:52

Size: 1 GB