“The Crimson Heel!” 2






General Silver has returned!  This time she has her eyes set on Blonde, California Muscle Barbie, Platinum Fury!  The Crimson Heel wastes no time challenging the cocky American to a Wrestling match, in which Platinum is more than happy to accept.  The ladies make their entrances, the bell rings, they lock up, and this match is on!  Straight from the lockup General Silver takes control and never lets up, mercilessly pummeling the blonde milf from pillar to ring post with classic lady wrestling dirty tactics!  Plenty of hair pulling, trash talking and more!  Scissorholds, bearhugs, slams, camel clutch, eye gouges, clotheslines, belly punches, corner work, rope work, arm locks, leg locks, and more!   A final sleeperhold puts Platinum in her place and sets her up for the pin!  Match, General Silver!  Who will be the next to challenge this undefeated phenom!?




Length: 12:41

Size: 1 GB