“The Claire Witch Project!”





Claire is a rookie, she is a bit upset with Alexandria, Claire was suppose to wrestle Alex a week ago, but Alex fell ill, forcing Athena to step in, making Claire’s debut a disaster of a beat down, As Athena mangle to poor rookie from pillar to post. Now Claire wants to take out her anger on Alexandria! Should Alex be scared? Probably not, Alex has some decent wins under her belt, and Claire has had but one match. However jaws drop when Claire confronts Alex outside the ring, smashing a glass ash tray over Alexandria’s head, shattering it over America’s BEST Jobber’s head! Claire is not done. throwing Alex to the mat sending giant devastating soccer kicks straight between Alexandria’s. Alex hits the mat in agony, her bright, shiny silver leotard, and silver boots catch a glare off the rafter lights as her booty shakes at impact with each kick from Claire. Claire spends the remainder of the match pummeling poor Alex in front of the other MMW girls, beating the vet senseless as Alex puts up little defense. Stunners, claws, clutches, hair pulls, leg locks, face busters, all take their toll on a fading Alex, Claire bitch slaps the poor jobber silly, striking her with such force it knocks poor Alex cross eyed. This contest goes to Claire Voyant, as a final leg hook pin puts Alex’s booty in the air, and another L on her record. the rookie picks up her first win in the MMW ring!


Length: 08:05

Size: 853 MB