“Taste of DeFeet!” 2





Andrea Rosu dons a bikini to step in to the ring face off against MMW CEO, Alexandria Hamilton in this ultra Sexy barefoot battle! Alex is all smiles as she flexes before entering the ring. Both women have only moments to stretch in their corners, and size one another up before bell rings and makes this match official. Andrea wastes no time, sending a huge soccer kick in between Alexandria’s legs, dropping the sexy brunette to her knees! Andrea rips Alex to her feet by her hair and sends her bouncing off the ropes and back in to Andrea’s foot as she sends a razor precision high kick straight in to Alex’s jaw! Dropping the gorgeous jobber and putting Andrea in full control! Andrea steps on Alexandria’s throat with her bare foot, crushing Alex’s trachea Andrea uses Alexandria’s “jobber handle” (pony tail) to pull poor Alex’s face forward, further crushing her throat and cutting off her airway! Andrea continues to brutalize Alex with devastating, back breaking, face smashing, body bending pro moves! Clutches, low blows, hair pulling, corner work, and More! Andrea grows bored of beating her jobber and decides to add humiliating insult to injury. Andrea props Alex sitting in the corner, and proceeds to jam her foot down poor Alexandria’s throat, foot gagging her as deep as she can press! Alexandria’s eyes are bulging in horror as she frantically taps out anywhere she can! Andrea paying no attention to the inhumane grunts being pressed out of Alex as she watches with pleasure and grins and trash talks Alex as she flops around helplessly with Andreas bare foot stuffed in her face. Andrea finally lets go and drags a defeated Alex center ring she uses her limp body as a footstool for her victorious victory pose! Match Andrea Rosu!


Length: 13:19

Size: 1.38 GB