“Tag Team Trap!”





It’s a tag team trap as Terra Mizu & Irene Silver take on the team of Alexandria Hamilton & MMW Vet, Athena Law in a sexy, pro-style, bra & panty wrestling match!   Terra and Irene have cooked up quite the plan.  That plan being, ‘Destroy Alexandria Hamilton’.  Poor Alex locks up with Irene and NEVER gets out of the ring,  NEVER tags in Athena and is utterly obliterated in the most overwhelming, and humiliating fashion!  Devastating strikes, ring shaking slams and painful submissions are on poor Alex’s menu today, as each lady takes their time punishing the phat bottom jobber before tagging in their partner who comes in, rips Alex up by the hair, and feeds her more punishment!  Rope work, corner work, 1 vs 1, double-teaming and more!  Grapevine pins, schoolgirl pin, scissorholds, bearhugs, boston crab, camel clutch, hair pulling, splashes, pedigrees, stunner, double stunner, facesitting, reverse headscissor, clothesline, skull crusher, low blows, snap mares, breast smothers, bow and arrow, multiple leg hook pins, dragon sleeper, guillotine, stinkface, sleeperholds and more!  How much can Alex take and how will these cynical ladies finish her off?




Length: 22:40

Size: 2 GB