“Surviving Nicole!”





Nicole Oring, and Alexandria Hamilton go blow for blow in this sexy back and forth, hard hitting battle!  Nicole, clad in her tight, black booty shorts and yellow sports bra, climbs through the ropes to square up with MMW, CEO, Alexandria Hamilton, clad in a black top with very shiny, short, tight, silver shorts, hugging her thick, round booty very snuggly.  The two battle back and forth, round for round, taking time in between rounds to talk trash to one another.  Each girl taking, and dishing a good amount of punishment!  Multiple knockdowns!  The hair is flying and the heads are snapping as the ladies throw flurry’s of combos! Jabs! Hooks! Uppercuts! Belly Punches! And more!  In the corners, and against the ropes the war wages on,  until a razor sharp uppercut sends one girl cross eyed and plummeting to the canvas!  Which lady to be a mere foot stool for the victor when the dust settles?



Length: 11:36

Size: 1.19 GB