“Superior Athena!”


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No one wants to say they got their ass beat and KO’d with one move. However, that is a story that resident jobber, Claire Voyant will be telling for a while. Claire made the mistake of mouthing off to Athena Law, which Athena did not take kindly to. In an instant Claire finds herself paralyzed in Athena’s Tongan grip! Claire writhes, stunned, and frantic, but has nowhere to go, and no defense to mount as she can feel Athena’s hand crushing her, making escaping impossible! Claire is backed in the corner, still in Athena’s clutches. She writhes, a bit before her legs give and she crashes to the canvas. Athena, still not letting go, stares Claire straight in the eye so she can be the last thing Claire see’s before going out. Athena grits her teeth and grins as she admire her handy work. Finally she releases Claire’s already KO’d body. Match, Athena Law!


Length: 3 Minutes

Size: 371 MB