“SuperBJ & the Wrath of Dangermilf!”






It’s a Superheroine showdown as SuperBJ finds herself accepting the challenge of Dangermilf as the two women set their powers aside to see who would win in a knock-down, drag-out Wrestling match!  Dangermilf is tired of SuperBJ’s superior Powers and is convincced that in a real fight, she would not just win, but destroy the thicc milf!  SuperBJ takes early control and perhaps gloats a tad too much.  This sets the course for what turns out to be the complete beating of SuperBJ!  Dangermilf comes back with horrific belly punches that lift BJ off the ground!  From there the destruction is only starting!  Horrific low blows, vicious hair pulling, wedgies, camel clutch, breast mauls, skull crusher, hammerlocks, armlocks, scissorholds, bearhug, surfboard, step over toe holds w/ clutches and hairpulling, over the shoulder rack, splashes, belly punches, face punches, pedigree, reverse hair bridge, steiner recliner, back breaker hairpull, back breaker, crippler crossface, rings of saturn, reverse toe hold, single leg boston crab, breast smother, sleeperhold, snap mares, dragon sleeper, dragon sleeper w/ breast maul and much more!  A final leghook pin makes it clear who the REAL stronger woman is as Dangermilf exits the ring leaving a decimated and humiliated SuperBJ on her back and forced to stumble out in the ultimate post beating walk of shame!




Length: 27:27

Size: 2.85 GB