A stars and stripes clad Lizzy Hamilton is bare-legged and bare foot in the ring. Her opponent today, Sugar, who has a good reputation for being bad! Countless women have taken naps under Sugars feet. Speaking of feet, Lizzy Hamilton fancy’s herself a tough chick in her own right, being half of the MMW tag champions. Her signature is making her opponents suck her feet in the dreaded foot claw! Aware of this, Sugar has plans of her own. Lizzy looks visibly concerned as Sugar enters the ring. The two lockup and Lizzy is immediately overpowered and thrown to the corner, striking the turnbuckles with tremendous force! This causes Lizzy to fall to her ass. Sugar is on her immediately! Sugar pulling the MMW champ to her feet with ease, clenching her blonde hair with a death grip, pulls the blonde Hamilton sister to the center of the ring for massive forearms across her back. Each forearm sending Lizzy literally crashing to the canvas with thunderous force, shaking the MMW ring and the stars on the tight shorts hugging Lizzy’s shapely booty! Sugar rips the blonde mercilessly to her feet, as if Lizzy’s neck was made of rubber! Yanking her to her feet only to slam her down again. Lizzy has left the ring, and, nothing more than a rag doll remains. Sugar continues to impose her will and showcase her dominance over the California Queen! Placing her in the middle of the ring for three, BIG, consecutive body splashes! Folding Lizzy in half! Causing her to cough up blood! Lizzy lay bewildered in the ring while Sugar exits to grab a table, the table is set in the ring and Lizzy is pulled to her feet by her hair. Sugar proceeds to throw the limp Hamilton on the table, destroying the table and Lizzy’s BIG ego. Lizzy whimpers on top of the rubble that was moments ago a table. Sugar uses a gob of her blonde hair and her booty shorts to drag Lizzy to the corner, wedging the stars and stripes deep into Lizzy’s lovely Hamilton bottom. Sugar chains a battered and bloody Lizzy to the corner, she grabs her signature barbed wire bat and begins striking Lizzy from head to toe, shredding the blondes ring attire and skin! Taring Lizzy apart, the barbed wire cuts deep and Lizzy begins bleeding from the site of every strike! Oh but Sugar isn’t done! She removes her wrestling boot while a bound Lizzy watches in horror! Time for a taste of your own medicine Lizzy Hamilton! Sugar stuffs Lizzy’s face good with her dirty foot! Pressing deep as if she wants to wear Lizzy’s stomach as a boot! Lizzy gags as she writhing in horror, wide eyed and sobbing in disbelief she drools all over Sugars foot, gagging and gasping for air “How does that taste bitch!?” exclaims a sadistic Sugar! Sugar grabs Lizzy by the hair and rips her out of the corner with such force the chains break loose! She dumps the pile that was once Lizzy Hamilton in the middle of the ring for the 3 count! 1-2-3!! Match, Sugar! Sugar exits while the ref dials 911 over a unconscious, shredded, bloody, Lizzy Hamilton!


Length: 10:53

Size: 678 MB