“Stinkface Champions!” 3





It’s the 3rd installment of the ever-popular, ‘Stinkface Champions’ series and today we see Terra Mizu & Irene Silver, take on Alexandria Hamilton & Athena Law!  Do we know how this goes?  Straight from the lockup Terra takes control of Alex and sets her in their corner for a stinkface beatdown!  Irene’s turn!  Irene tags in and pummels Alex just the same with her sexy, smothering stinkface!  Time for Athena to join the party as she tags in only to be punished with stinkfaces just as her pathetic, weak partner!  Tons of stinface, facesitting, ass smothering actions continues as the team of Irene & Terra absolutely destroy Alex & Athena with vicious, deep, humiliating stinkface-after-stinkface!  In the corners, against the ropes, double teaming, together, 1 on 1, 2 vs 1, even making the girls stinkface each other using nerve holds and good ‘ol fashion bull tactics, Alex and Athena endure the most brutal and humiliating stinkface defeat to ever grace the MMW camera!  Match, Irene Silver & Terra Mizu!  Who will dare challenge these thicc bottom women in Stinkface Champions 4!?




Length: 19:55

Size: 1 GB