“Stinkface Champions!” 2






The Greatest Stinkface Clip Online NOW HAS A SEQUEL!  This time it’s Alexandria Hamilton teaming up with Faith to introduce the team of Irene Silver and Paula Diamonds, a painful lesson in Stinkface humiliation!  Paula and Irene are oblivious to the beatdown their bikini clad rivals have planned.  The bell rings and the match is on!  Irene and Alex begin, and so does the Stinkface punishment!  The team of Alex and Faith spend the match absolutely pummeling their foes with every humiliating stinkface tactic they can muster!  Double team stinkfacing, single stinkfacing, 2 on 1, All 4 ladies at once.  The team of Paula and Irene are even made to stinkface eachother!  Did we mention the sadistic facesit pin?  What’s more to say.  The ultimate clip for any stinkface fan!  How will Alex and Faith put away their pathetic Jobber opponents?  Download to find out!




Length: 17:32

Size: 2 GB