“Sting like a ‘B’!”




Athena Law dons the gloves to teach Alex a humble lesson in being totally dominated!  Alex has been making fun of Athena for being out of the game for 9 months, in which time Alex has fought and scored KO wins over Jackson, Dynamite Dana, Claire Voyant, Madison Swan, Megan Jones, and Laney Dawson, its safe to say, Alex has some hands!  However, Athena is unimpressed, and under the impression that “ring rust” is a myth, coupled with her multiple KO victories over Alex, Athena is more than happy to once again climb through the ropes to face her most notorious rival!  The bell rings and all of Alexandria’s momentum is stopped when she eats her first combo from Athena’s lightning fast hands!  Athena spends the rest of the match besting Alex senseless, to the point Alex is beaten cross eyed multiple times!  Alex is knocked down multiple times but barely able to make it up before 10.  Athena toys with Alex, destroying the PAWG jobber with jabs, hooks, uppercuts, combos, belly punches, corner work, rope work, and more!  Alex has no business in the ring with such a superior fighter!  Athena beats Alexandria’s head back and forth like a speed bag!  Her hair is flying, and her head is snapping as Athena uses her face as bag practice.  A final 3 punch combo puts Alex down face first, and puts an end to this lop sided beating!  Match, Athena Law!
Length: 08:06
Size: 851 MB