“Stay at home, Mom!”





Not many women can trade blows, or out wrestle Athena Law.  However, for the life of her, Athena just cant seem to pull off a win against undefeated Tsunami!  Could today be the day?  Hardly!  If you are a fan of Athena’s amazing beat downs she puts on unsuspecting women, then you may need a tissue, as you witness the complete beating of Athena Law!  Its like Tsunami doesn’t break a sweat, as she easily dismantles Athena from the opening bell, Athena’s face and belly with vicious striking combos, tossing Athena around the ring, yanking her around by the hair, and bending at twisting the so called bad girl while she howls in pain, begging for the assault to stop.  How bad will Tsunami crush Athena’s ego?  It will be long time before Athena forgets this beating.  Camel clutches, eye gouges, vicious hair pulling, ring shaking slams, stunners, snap mares, low blows, face punches, belly punches, sleeper holds, and a neck wrenching guillotine choke points Athena’s red thong leotard clad bottom straight to the roof!  Tsunami pulls out all the stops to make sure people know who the REAL MMW bad girl is.


Length: 10:25

Size: 1.08 GB