“Star-Spangled Jobber!”







Lefty Lucy makes her MMW Wrestling debut by absolutely pummeling PAWG extraordinaire, MMW CEO, and America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton, within an inch of her pathetic, jobber life!  Alex is so confident in her new star-spangled bottoms, she is unaware of the terrible beating that lies ahead of her!  Lucy takes control early on and never let’s up!  Alex is ragdolled around the ring in violent fashion, destroyed with strikes, slams, and submissions!  Vicious hair pulling, scissorholds, wedgies, pedigree, surfboard, skull crusher, bearhug, armlocks, low blows, rope work, corner work, camel clutch, sleeperhold, back breaker, surfboard, bow and arrow, schoolgirl pins, and more!  Lucy makes a strong statement as she leaves a battered Alex flat on her back!  Is Lucy the next Athena Law?  Download and see!




Length: 17:19

Size: 2 GB