“Spank My Jobber!”





Athena Law humiliates her favorite phat butt jobber in this sexy, booty slapping, PAWG spanking beatdown!  Athena is tired of Alexandria’s losses looking bad on the company, and it is starting to effect MMWs finances.  In order to motivate Alex, Athena offers her an ultimatum, wrestle her, or get spanked.  Alex is no stranger to an Athena beatdown and pulls down her jean shorts and bends over the middle rope, not saying a word, simply presenting her phat, round, lace pantie’d ass to Athena for the spanking!  Athena grabs a fistful of Alexandria’s hair and begins Alex’s punishment!  Slap slap and whack whack, Alexandria’s cheeks are jiggling at each strike, causing her to yelp.  Athena verbally dismantles Alex throughout her punishment, reminding her of all the women that have destroyed her, making Alex call out the names of the women that have defeated her, proclaiming that she is their jobber!  Athena continues to order Alex to admit she’s a jobber as she continues slapping her poor MILF booty!  From the ropes to her hands and knees, and eventually over Athena’s knee, Alex takes her punishment, whining, pleading and sobbing throughout her beating.  Athena finally lets Alex go, but not before giving her ass a final, good slap as Alex is pulling up her jean shorts.  Alex exits humiliated and used.  Match, (if this was one) Athena Law!




Length:  10:55

Size:  1.11 GB