SleeperHold: “Don’t Breathe!”


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Sugar is undefeated. Alex is America’s BEST Jobber!  Sugar enjoys beating up Alex any chance she gets. How the two got here is a mystery, but, right now, Alex is in a VERY “tight” situation.  Sugar’s iron forearms are squeezing Alexandria’s neck, in her vice like sleeper hold!  Alex is struggling, Sugar isn’t breaking a sweat, as she doesn’t bat an eye lash, feeling Alex slap against, and paw at her Arm.  Sugar doesn’t say a word, she remains stone cold while Alex whimpers in complete submission, in Sugar’s complete control.  Sugar watches as Alex turns an alarming shade of purple, feeling all fight leave her body in the grips of her superior opponent!  Finally, Alex goes out,  as Sugar releases America’s BEST Jobber, watching her defeated body flop to the MMW canvas.  Sugar is having way too much fun, as she rips a groggy Alex up by her hair, placing her on her bottom, and locking her in to another neck ringing sleeper!   Alex is frantic, begging, and a complete embarrassing mess, as she pleads with what little breath she has, begging for mercy in the control of the mega heel’s power.  Alex again goes limp, succumbing to the stronger woman.  Sugar slaps on a final leg hook pin to seal the deal.  She exits, leaving a humiliated, and defeated pile of jobber, in the middle of the MMW ring.


Length: 5 Minutes

Size: 603 MB