“Show of Force!”






Andrea Rosu utterly demolishes Nicole Oring in this sexy, one sided, pro wrestling squash match! Both girls don a bikini and make their way to the ring. Each woman goes to her corner and has only a few moments to stretch, and warm up before the bell rings and makes the match official! The ladies lock up, center ring! A brief struggle ensues and almost immediately Andrea sends a huge knee in to Nicole’s mid section, folding the lady wrestler in half, and setting the tone for this brutal beatdown! Andrea spares no energy as she unleashes a montage of abuse on a weary, and clearly out matched Nicole! Snap mares, rear naked chokes, sleeper holds, various painful scissor holds, face sitting, belly punching, vicious hair pulling, head snapping punches as Andrea corners Nicole and relentlessly beats her beautiful face with bare knuckle, face smashing jabs, knocking Nicole cross eyed as she lets out helpless involuntary grunts each time Andrea’s fist smashes in to her face! Low blows, knees, humiliating schoolgirl pins, and rope work! Andrea utilizes the corner, hoisting herself on the top turnbuckle and locking Nicole in an agonizing head scissor! Nicole has little left, but Andrea just loves playing with her “like a little mouse!”. A final triangle scissor seals the night for Nicole, as she slaps and paws frantically at Andrea’s leg, wrapped around her neck! Nicole’s face is a puffy, red mess. She holds on as long as she can before ultimately succumbing to her superior opponent. Andrea rises and places her foot on top of Nicol’s KO’d body, perfect foot stool for her dominant victory pose. Match, Andrea Rosu!



Length: 12:48

Size: 1.32 GB