“Shiny New Ragdoll!”






What’s to say?  Alexandria Hamilton is a shiny little bikini top and cheeky jean shorts, is set to face a black bikini clad Athena Law.  Athena Law is a pro at destroying weak women.  She makes them weak.  She especially loves beating up Alexandria.  Alex is so pretty, and Athena hates hearing about it, which is why she pays special attention to mangle Alexandria’s beautiful face, and ragdoll America’s BEST Jobber any chance she gets!  Athena lays a stiff beating on poor Alex.  Ragdolling the PAWG MILF from pillar to ring-post, tossing her beaten body around like a….ragdoll!  Nobody will think of Alex the same after they see Athena beat her into a drooling cross-eyed mess, so that is her gameplan for the day!  Tons of FEMDOM action!  Fishhooks, hairpulling, snap mares, camel clutches, corner work, rope work, DDT’s, scissorholds, bearhugs, skull crushers, crippler crossface, rings of saturn, belly punches, and more!  Athena’s wants to show off her new ragdoll, and she does, parading her thicc catch around the ring by her hair, and slopping up her face with lipstick!  Poor Alex.  Will she ever forget this beating?  A final victory pose, caps off this instant classic!  Alex is left in a puddle of her own drool, twitching, cross-eyed, and painted up.  She stumbles out of the ring and behind the curtain in the ultimate walk of shame!  Match, Athena Law!




Length: 13:04

Size: 1 GB