“Serve the Servant!”




The masked jobber is in town, and the MMW gals don’t take kindly to a male presence in their ring. They tell the male wrestler to leave, but he argues with them, letting them know wrestling is a mans sport, and that he doesn’t take orders from women! That”s about all he is able to get out, before Alex and Athena jump him! sending huge kicks, and punches, to his face and stomach, The masked jobber doubles over in pain, as Athena rakes her long nails down his back, The masked jobber howls in excruciating pain as Alex sends a big low blow to his crotch doubling him over! Alex grabs him and sends him face first to each turnbuckle sending the jobber stumbling into Athena’s crotch busting atomic drop! He stumbles back in to Alex’s low blow, and right back in to another atomic drop, this repeats as he is pin-balled back and forth in to low blow after low blow. The rest of the match is filled with the two girls beating the hell out of the masked jobber in humiliating fashion reducing a pile of worthless competition! Low blow after low blow! low blow stomps! low blow strikes, low blow kicks! pro moves! Submissions! camel clutches, surfboards, The women toss him out of the ring for even more of a beating! As they take turns holding his arms behind his back for a marathon of gut punches! The masked jobber has no fight left in him, he lie punch silly while his superior female aggressors plot even more destruction for the beaten man! Alex grabs the glass of water he was drinking and hands it to Athena, as Alex places the stool it was on in front of the masked wrestler. Alex holds his wobbly body while the two degrade and make fun of the man, Athena proceeds to pour the water over his head before she smashes the glass over his skull! Glass shatters and fly’s everywhere as the man falls to his knees, right in position for Alex to send him face first in to the stool, smashing it in half along with any pride or ego the masked jobber had left! Athena grabs the table that is outside the ring while Alex throws the throttled man back in to the ring. The two women set up the table, and pick up the jobber! Positioning him for a choke slam, each woman gets a handful of his trunks as leverage, as they count to 3 and lift! Slamming the jobber through the table! Smashing it to smithereens! The jobber is out and defeated, humiliated and embarrassed! The two women take turns leg hook pinning him,
before standing on his defeated body for a humiliating victory pose! Sorry sir. might wanna think twice before crossing these ladies!


Length: 10:55

Size: 1.13 GB