“Scream & Sugar!”





Alexandria enters the ring clad in white, ready to take on Sugar! A powerhouse from the valley, known for her incredible strength, one punch KO power, and LOVE for beating up girls! Sugar just made quick easy work of Athena Law, like never seen before. But, she came to the MMW ring for a specific reason, Alexandria Hamilton. And Athena was just a piss poor excuse for a warm up! After an intense stare down the two lockup! Alexandria is quick to secure an arm wrench, but can’t match Sugars natural strength. As Sugar shakes it off like dust, pulling Alex into a neck wrenching side headlock! Sugar pulls Alex around the ring in her headlock, as if taking a leisure stroll, but Alex is determined to make a statement! Some hard elbows to Sugars ribs stun her enough for Alex to escape and climb to the second turnbuckle! As Sugar stands Alex leaps from the middle turnbuckle! With a double hammer fist across Sugars back! Again, hurting the valley bad girl. Is Alexandria going to do the unthinkable? She springs off the ropes with her trademark super punch! Landing it flawlessly across Sugars jaw. She winds up for a series of strikes, each one striking Sugar in the face! Alexandria is on fire! She winds up for a BIG overhead right! Sugar counters with a block, before Alex can blink, sugar secures her hand around the jobbers throat! Lifting her effortlessly for a ring shaking choke slam! Alexandria barely makes it to her knees before Sugar rips her to her feet by her hair. Bringing her to the ropes and choking poor Alex over the top, strangling the MMW champion! The fight moves to the corner where Sugar slams Alexandria’s head into the turnbuckles! Bringing Alex to the middle of the ring, a massive headbutt puts Alexandria’s back flat to the canvas! Thud! Sugar pulls her to her feet by the hair, but only to feed her another skull cracking headbutt! Again, dropping Alex like a bag of sand, flat on her back! She pulls Alex to her knees to apply a chin crushing camel clutch! Agony sweeps over Alexandria’s face, while sugar appears to be enjoying herself! After all, this is exactly what she came here to do! Sugar brings her jobber to the corner for a good ol fashion beating! Unleashing a series of massive right hooks! Directly to Alexandria’s gorgeous face! Alexandria’s head snaps back and her hair fly’s with every blow from her powerful foe! A series of gut punches in the corner fold Americas Best Jobber in half! Shaking the corner posts and Alexandria’s lovely jobber booty as well! Sugar brings a beaten Alex to the center of the ring and places her on her knees, she applies her vice lock and Alexandria is in immediate distress! Moaning and groaning she frantically paws at Sugars powerful hands, and arms, helplessly to no avail. Sugar squeezes harder and Alex begins to fade until she is eventually out cold. Sugar not so gently lets her defeated opponent to the canvas. Using Alexandria’s unconscious body as a pedestal, Sugar raises her hand in dominant victory!


Length: 07:51

Size: 805 MB