“Scars & Stripes!” 7





The Hamilton Sisters are back!  Alexandria & Lizzy Hamilton don the most perfect Blue Pro-Style gear to take on the mean team of Jet Black clad Vixey & Sugar!  What happens when the industry’s sexiest team of Jobber sisters take on two women known for utterly humiliating their opponents?  Take a guess!  Lizzy is the first to lock up and straight from the get-go the Hamilton Sisters begin their downhill trip toward another painful L!  Lizzy is brutalized as the opposing team continually tags in to feed her more embarrassing punishment while her little sister watches and tries her best to cheer her on!  Camel clutches, steiner recliner, pedigree, back breaker, rope work, vicious hair pulling, belly punches, dirty 2 vs 1 tactics, and body shattering blows and insanely hot bearhugs are just a few of the items on the menu for Lizzy’s punishment.  Finally, Alexandria tags in but not much changes as she is fed the same painful beating her blonde sister just ate!  Cue big choke slam from Sugar that shakes the MMW Ring along with the Hamilton Sisters full-size bottoms!  Lizzy is dragged in by her hair, where Vixey and Sugar serve the ladies some humiliating double team action complete with double hot shots, double splashes, and a sexy double stunner that leaves the sisters side-by-side with their booty’s pointed straight in the air!  Alex is thrown out the ring so Vixey can focus on ending the night by beating the hell out of poor defenseless Lizzy!  Lizzy finally falls at the hands of a very destructive Vixey!  This match is over, but not before Lizzy is thrown out the ring where she lands next to her battered sister. The two barely make it to their feet where they are forced to stumble backstage holding each other up while Vixey and Sugar make fun of them for taking the ultimate walk of shame!  Winners, Vixey and Sugar!




Length: 13:36

Size: 1 GB