“Scars & Stripes!” 5





Jolene Hexx and Platinum Fury team up to take on the 0-4 Hamilton Sisters, Alexandria and Lizzy Hamilton in this 5th installment of the sexiest tag team of Jobber Sisters in wrestling!  As if these two poor sisters ever stood a chance, they still climb in and lock up in hopes of breaking their 4 fight losing streak!  The bell rings and the match begins, and straight from the get-go the sisters are pummeled, dominated, and humiliated in painful fashion as Jolene and Platinum launch a brutal one-sided assault ono the blonde and brunette duo!  Tons of strikes, stomps, slams, and submissions!  Each sister getting a beatdown from both Jolene, and Platinum.  Plenty of 2 on 1 action, and non-stop jobber crushing action!  Punches, kicks, stomps, belly punches, rope work, corner work, vicious hair pulling, camel clutches, boston crabs, low blows, scissorholds, sleeperholds, matchbook pins, wedgies, bearhugs, leg locks, arm bars, back breaker, surfboard, bow and arrow, and tons more!  What a beatdown!   A final, humiliating double bearhug turned double wedgie bearhug ends the night for the sisters, setting them up for the double schoolgirl pin finish and victory pose, granting these two losers a pathetic, embarrassing 0-5 record, and leaving them jobber champions!




Length: 15:16

Size: 1.6 GB