“Scars & Stripes!” 3




The much anticipated 3rd installment pf the tag team Scars & Stripes series returns!  Beaten and stripped of their belts, the Hamilton Sisters return!  On a new quest to carry MMW Gold again, the Hamilton’s have a tough road ahead in the form of Athena Law & Platinum Fury!  This is  NON STOP battle in which the Hamilton sisters are humiliated and destroyed on an entire new level!  Punches, kicks, stomps, low blows, tons of wedgies, ass slapping, hair pulling, camel clutches, w/ horrific pig noses as each Hamilton finds herself oinking like a pig at the demand of the dominant woman!  Hair pulling, facebusters, pedigrees, fish hooks, eye gouges, headscissors, matchbook pins, schoolgirl pins, crotch stretchers, surfboards, and we are only getting started!  The Hamilton are made to remove and sniff their own dirty boots, each girl placed on her knees in the corner and fed turnbuckle as they fall victim to brutal California smiles!  Tons of crushing foot stomping, rope work, corner work, scissorholds, belly punching, and more!  Both Hamilton’s are tormented at the same time as all 4 ladies take the ring!  the fight spills outside where the girls are again matchbook choked and KO’d before being made to kiss the victors boots!  Still not done!   Both Hamilton’s are bent over for a humiliating spanking session before having pantyhose placed over their heads for another round of humiliating KO’s and piggy noses!  Both ladies are laid out and knocked out.  No description will do this squash match justice.  Watch the Hamilton’s take the most thorough beating they’ve experienced inside the squared circle!



Length: 47 Minutes

Size: 4 GB