“Sarahnormal Activity!”






It’s an MMW Mayhem type of day as Sarah Brooke and Alexandria Hamilton don Thong Leotards and pro gear to wage war in an incredible, intense, bloody, back-&-forth battle!  The two warriors have a nose-to-nose staredown before locking up in one of the most intense battles for MMW supremacy! Dirty Tactics, ring shaking slams, painful submissions and devastating strikes!  Steel chairs and blood!  What’s more to say!  Sarah and Alex go for broke as they rip into eachother with vicious hairpulling, pedigrees, boston crabs, camel clutches, scissorholds, leg locks, arm locks, chin locks, rope work, corner work, belly punches, low blows, and more!  Sarah mounts Alex for a crushing ground-&-pound beatdown, smashing and busting open Alexandria’s beautiful face!  Alex is covered in blood and Sarah is not done!  After a brief encounter with a steel chair Alex is laid out, bloody, and glassy eyed for the final leg-hook pin!  Match, Sarah Brooke!




Length: 24:57

Size: 2 GB