“Ring Maids!”





Alex and Athena are both maids, employed by the same man.  Alex grows jealous after seeing the new, sexy satin gloves that their employer has gifted Athena with.  An argument and standoff ensure, and a challenge is made and accepted.  We find ourselves at the MMW dojo, both ladies enter gloved up and ready to trade!  What a back-&-forth battle for supremacy!  Tons of give-&-take action with both ladies kissing the canvas and scoring multiple knockdowns!  Combo exchanges see the ladies against the ropes, in the corners and center ring, throwing haymaker-after-haymaker, looking for the elusive KO, W!  Jabs, body shots, uppercuts and belly punches, only ONE woman will have an awkward day at work tomorrow, but which one?  A final uppercut ends the night for the weaker woman as the dominant striker sits atop her opponents bottom for her victory pose!  Which lady will take the day’s bragging rights?  Download to find out!




Length:  15:20

Size:  1.58 GB