“Revenge of Fury!”







Vita VonStarr lays a thick layer of punishment down on California Muscle Barbie, Platinum Fury in this fierce, ring shaking battle!  Tired of hearing about this new powerhouse wrestler from Northern California, Vita shows Platinum how to KO a jobber, over-&-over, adding a sexy 10-count, leghook pin to each finisher, just to add a bit of insult to injury!  After DDTs, bodyslams, pedigrees and more, Vita grows a bit too confident, turning her back on her blonde counterpart for long enough for Platinum to turn the table, take control and feed Vita a stiff beatdown of her own!  Hair pulling, rope work, corner work, stunners, clothesline, and more, these ladies don’t hold back!   After a final KO, leghook pin and victory pose, a victorious Platinum takes selfies with her and a KO’d Vita to add to her collection of jobber scalps!  Match, Platinum Fury!




Length:  11:46

Size:  1.20 GB