“Reinventing the Heel!”






Bettie Brickhouse returns to the MMW Ring to lay a stiff beatdown on Las Vegas local, and champion grappler, Agatha Delicious!  Agatha gladly accepted the challenge, being confident in her skills after taking out America’s Best Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton, with ease in their previous bout.  The bell rings, the ladies lock-up, and this match is on!  Agatha never stood a chance, as Bettie spends the entire time pummeling the sexy jiu jitsu practitioner with a barrage of painful punishment!  From slams to stomps, submissions to the victory pose, Agatha is helpless as Bettie owns the Vegas girl with vicious hair pulling corner work, rope work, belly punches, scissorholds, bearhugs and more!  Camel clutch, matchbook pin, schoolgirl pin, surfboard, pedigree, skull crusher!  How much can Agatha take?  Bettie is going to find out!  A final sleeperhold puts Agatha on her back for the pin and victory pose!  Match, the BEAUTIFUL, Bettie Brickhouse!




Length: 09:56

Size: 1 GB