“RedHead Redemption!”





Andrea Rosu is on a tear! And today shes squaring up with Dynamite Dana! These two girls want to prove that there’s only room for one MMW redhead! Unfortunately for Dana, shes going to need to think of a new strategy, As Andrea PUMMELS the PAWG Jobber from opening bell! Hair pulling, ass slapping, scissoring, and strikes soften Dana up for the main course of Andreas Onslaught! Corner work, rope work, chokes, headlocks, and Slams make it a short day for Dana. As Andrea barely breaks a sweat destroying poor Dana! So much trash talk during the fight, one would think that was the most exhausting task for Andrea in this battle. A final SEXY leg hook pin seals the deal for the winner and overall dominant woman!


Length: 10:25

Size: 1.07 GB