“Real quick, before I go!”





Yennefer already destroyed MMW CEO Alexandria Hamilton, but she wants the MMW boxing champ too! Athena NEVER backs down from a fight! Entering the ring clad in all white, Athena waits for her opponent in the corner. Yennefer enters and immediately there is tension in the room! Yennefer has nothing to lose, it is Athena that has to defend her reputation, but that does not scare Athena. After an intense stare down the two lock up in the middle of the ring! With neither lady able to gain control, they break up and circle the ring to size each other up. These are two bonafide fighters with dominant egos! They exchange face blows in the middle of the ring. Yennefer gains the upper hand and forces Athena to the corner! A thorough beating in the corner has Athena on defense and Wobbly legged! Yennefer slams her face first in to every corner of the ring! A dazed Athena stumbles into a pair of ring shaking body slams! It isn’t looking good for Athena! Its back to the corner where Yennefer imposes more strikes on her victim! Athena is only surviving at this point. Yennefer pounds away! Applying a rear naked choke, Athena squirms in anguish and cries in agony as Yennefer shows who the true DOM in the ring is! Athena is released and walked on all 4s by her hair to the middle of the ring where shes met by face smashing knees! Yennefer goes to town, bloodying up the so called bad girl! It’s back to the corner where Yennefer wipes blood from Athena’s face just to bitch slap her with her blood covered palm! Horrific chops and belly punches follow, Athena is pulled into a face smashing bulldog, causing the ring and Athena’s lifeless body to shake! Yennefer brings Athena to her feet by the hair for a neck snapping stunner! It is all over for Athena Law! Someone count her out, or don’t, I suppose Yennefer could put her boot in the middle of Athena’s back, and yank on her hair as if trying to pull her head off her body? Maybe until Athena shrieks for her surrender? OK Yennefer, lets do that! Athena appears mere seconds from decapitation before she finally sobs out a loud surrender! Submitting to Yennefer in front of her MMW counterparts. Yennefer looks straight at Lizzy Hamilton as she uses a blood stained Athena Law as a footstool! I think its gonna take a LONG time for Athena to get over that beating!!


Length: 09:49

Size: 1 GB