“Raw Sugar!” 8







Jezabel Romo travels up north to meet Sugar in the MMW ring! Jezabel made the mistake of wearing a thong leotard to today’s battle, which happens to be Sugar’s favorite outfit for a squealing jobber to wear. From the opening bell Jezabel ia utterly destroyed un convincing, brutal, and humiliating fashion. Sugar mercilessly slams Jezabel’s face into the turnbuckles before beginning what may be one of the worst beatings Jezabel has ever suffered. Hard, deep belly punches, vicious hair pulling, and hair pulling maneuvers. Back breakers, neck stomps, wedgies, camel clutch, bearhug, scissor holds, corner work, rope work, sleeper holds, leg locks, body locks, nerve holds, and more! It is the total destruction of Jezabel Romo in the MMW ring. Compliments of MMW local Mega Heel, Sugar!


Length: 13:52

Size: 1.44 GB