“Raw Sugar!” 7






Finally, Sugar and Nicole Oring meet in the MMW ring!  This match goes about how you would expect a meeting with Nicole and Sugar, total domination!  Nicole is pummeled with no regard by Sugar as the MMW Mega Heel destroys Nicole Oring in convincing, and humiliating fashion!  Nicole has nowhere to go as Sugar takes her time beating Nicole senseless from pillar to ring post!  Head snapping punches, hard deep, belly punches, head scissors, camel clutches, fish hooks, vicious hair pulling, eye gouging, bear hug, wedgie, sleeper hold, back breaker, nerve holds, skull crushers, and more!  Sugar makes easy work of her petite, bikini clad jobber!  Reducing Nicole to defeated KO’d mass in the middle of the ring.  Match, Sugar!
Length: 10:33
Size: 1.08 GB