“Raw Sugar!” 6: Rag-Dolly!




Dangerous Dolly Prescott is new to the MMW family, and has a lot of hype surrounding her!  Coming in and absolutely slaughtering her first opponent, Dolly feels she needs to make a statement, and what better way to do that than to topple MMW Mega Heel, and Fantasy Wrestling Terror, Sugar!  The two meet at the MMW ring and this match ia underway!  Dolly and Sugar lock up, and in an instance Sugar throws a huge knee to Dolly’s stomach, dropping the new girl where she stands.  Dolly hits the canvas hard, and before she can recover Sugar slaps on a brain crunching skull crusher!  Sending Dolly into a screaming fit!  This match is not even 1 minute in and already, it is clear that Dolly is way out of her league.  Being pummeled from pillar to ring post with huge belly punches, and face punches!  Vicious hair pulling maneuvers on top of ripping poor Dolly to her feet by her hair over and over for more crippling punishment!  Sugar launches am all out assault on dolly with more strikes, head locks, scissor holds, sleeper holds, back breakers, bow and arrow, trampling, face claws, nerve holds, chokes, and submissions, all designed to scare the poor new girl away from the ring forever!  The onslaught of punishment continues until Dolly finally succumbs to Sugar’s superior and unmatched strength!  A final leg hook pin on a limp Dolly, followed by a Humiliating victory pose ends the night for Dolly, as well as any hopes of being the first, undefeated, MMW Champion!
Length: 08:36
Size: 888 MB