“Raw Sugar!” 5: Broken Blonde!






Blonde, California Queen is back, as Lizzy Hamilton steps in to the ring to face MMW Mega Heel, Sugar! Lizzy is no stranger to sharing a ring with Sugar, however Lizzy is coming off a one year break, and may have bitten off more than she can chew. Never the less, Lizzy and Sugar lock up, center ring, and this sexy women’s wrestling match is underway! Immediately Sugar takes control with a head popping headlock. Lizzy is immediately overcome by Sugar’s superior strength, and in an instance she goes limp and is tossed to the canvas like a bag of sand. Sugar smells fear in the water and spends the remainder of the match completely overpowering, dominating, and rag dolling poor Lizzy in brutal fashion! Neck stomps, humiliating wedgies, vicious hair pulling, choke holds, leg locks, head locks, bear hugs, belly punching, face punching, soccer mom choke, corner work, rope work, skull crushers, face claws, sleeper holds, camel clutches, rag dolling, and much, much more! All leading up to a final, PAWG booty to the sky, leg hook pin! Lizzy is mush in the mighty hands of Sugar as Sugar picks up and easy win while Lizzy is forced to limp the walk of shame back to the dressing room. Match Sugar!


Length: 11:38

Size: 1.20 MB