“Raw Sugar!” 2 *Ashley Graham Desimated!*





Whats better than watching Sugar humiliate and dominate a teeny tiny bikini clad Jobber?  Not much!  And what a beating Sugar gives to poor Ashley Graham.  From the opening bell it is all Sugar, as she controls the ring, throttling Ashley in embarrassing fashion!  Strikes, belly punches, face punches, submission holds, KO’s, nerve holds, fish hooks, camel clutches, eye gouging, hair pulling, sleepers, face claws, feet kissing, muscle kissing, bearhug, neck stomp, backbreaker, wedgies, headscissors, and MUCH more.  Ashley stands no chance, and like every woman who has stood in front of mega heel Sugar.  Ashley learns a painfull, humbling lesson.


Length: 07:43

Size: 813 MB