“Raw Sugar!” 17






Sugar locks up, and mangles America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton, in the most brutal and humiliating of the Raw Sugar series in this ultra-hot, one sided, classic squash match!  Sugar is in full heel mode straight from the lockup, launching a painful assault on poor Alex, pummeling the PAWG Milf from pillar to ring post, punishing her with punches, kicks, knees, stomps, vicious hair pulling, camel clutch, back breaker, surfboard, barhug, boston crab, skull crusher, sleeperhold, hairpull back breaker, standing chinlock, low blows, pedigree, choke slam, facebuster, bulldog, stunner, snap mares, bonzai drop, corner work, rope work, bow and arrow, atomic drops, belly punches, guillotine, wedgies, and so, SO MUCH MORE!  What a beatdown!  A final leg hook pin ends the night for Alexandria, putting her in perfect position for Sugar’s mighty victory pose!




Length: 14:04

Size: 1.3 GB