“Raw Sugar!” 16







Jolene Hexx meets MMW Champion, Sugar in this instant classic, jobber vs heel mega squash! Jolene is known for her slick movement, and skill, and is counting on beating Sugar with good ‘ol fashioned technique. Sugar is known for violence, and brutalizing her opponents, and today Jolene is not immune! Sugar uses strikes, slams, submissions, corner work, and rope work to punish Jolene, ragdolling the gorgeous, blonde MMA champion from pillar to ringpost. Back breaker, pedigree, facebuster, matchbook pin, schoolgirl pin, hair pulling, bow and arrow, camel clutch, low blow, belly punching, scissorholds, headlock, surfboard, bearhug, and more! Jolene has no answer for Sugar’s assault. A final sleeperhold puts an end to Jolene’s challenge for MMW Gold, leaving her laid out center ring for the mighty Sugar’s victory pose!



Length: 11:15

Size: 1 GB