Raven is making a huge impact at the MMW Dojo!  Already boasting wins over several top competitors, and KO’ing every woman put in front of her in the MMW Boxing Ring!  Today, she squares up w/ MMW CEO, SuperPAWG, Ultra-MILF & America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  The ladies are geared, and gloved-up, and ready to throw haymakers until one of them in flat on the canvas!  The bell rings, the ladies touch gloves and this match is on!  So much action in this back-&-forth, multi-round war!  Jabs, hooks, uppercuts, combos, body shots and bell punches!  The ladies exchange in the corners, against the ropes and center ring!  Multiple knockdowns with each woman kissing the canvas!  Alex is on fire today!  Which lady will walk away with the W after posting a foot on her defeated, KO’d foe for a victory pose?  Download to find out!




Length: 10:17

Size: 1 GB