“Quick Work!”


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Harper Rose has a bit of beef with CEO Alexandria Hamilton over some matches Harper had that she feel’s she should have been paid more for having knocked out both opponents.  Words were exchanged and Harper challenged Alex to a boxing match, thinking the CEO has gone soft after not being as active in the dojo.  Alex gladly accepts and shuts up Harper in a matter of minutes.  Both girls square up but Alex sends out a blitz and stuns Harper, rendering her in a daze while pummeling her gorgeous face with jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and combos.  Harper goes down, but has a reputation to maintain.  She rises to her feet only to eat more devastating shots that put her down KO’d, ass in the air, for the 10 count.  Harper wakes up, lights up a cigarette and shares her thoughts on her latest fights, and her most recent KO loss.



Length: 04:57

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