“Quick Work!” 2






Lizzy Hamilton is coming off a big KO win. However she may be a bit too cocky, as that was her first win, in five fights, being knocked out cold in her previous four bouts. Today, she is very confident that she will destroy Alex. She decides to do a pre-match interview while having a cigarette. She looks STUNNING in her shiny, gold, tight, boxing panties, and matching top. She gives her thoughts about her bout to the camera before entering the ring. Her opponent enters and the two women go to their corners. Alex has a sadistic glare as she gazes across the ring at her thick, blonde, sexy opponent. The bell rings and Lizzy comes out swinging! However, that’s all she does. A swing and a miss! A swing and a miss! Over and over, Lizzy swings for the fences, but just can’t lay a glove on Alex. Lizzy begins to loser her breath, her hands and dropping, and she is getting tired. in an instance Alex firs back, connecting with Lizzy’s jaw, rocking the sexy blonde and snapping her head back, causing blonde hair to fly! Alex doesn’t let up as fires right, left combos in to Lizzy’s nose and jaw, beating the blondes face swollen, Lizzy grunts and moans herself into the corner, where Alex lays on a thick layer of ass whoopin! Rights and lefts to the face, switching up and attacking Lizzy’s sexy, soft belly! Alex winds up and knocks Lizzy sideways, sending her plummeting to the canvas for the 10 count. After a sexy victory pose Alex exits the room. Lizzy is visibly shaken at the beating her opponent just fed to her. She lights another cigarette and is asked to comment on the match. Still a bit punch drunk, Lizzy declines and stumbles to the door to exit. Match, Alexandria Hamilton!




Length: 07:26

Size: 776 MB