“Qing Heel!”






KK Qing is back in Norther California, and ready to showcase her skills and might by laying a stiff beatdown and local girl and MMW CEO, America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  Alex is confident she can beat KK after their last meeting in a boxing contest.  But KK has wrestling skills and strength that Alexandira may have underestimated.  The girls make their entrances, the bell rings, the ladies circle and lock-up, and this match is on!  Alex should have come with a different gameplan as KK takes early control and never surrenders advantage as she mercilessly pummels the NorCal  milf from pillar to ring-post with a barrage of ring-shaking slams, devastating blows, painful submissions and all out brutality!  Vicious hair pulling as Alex is repeatedly ripped to her feet by her hair to endure more pain that only KK can dish out!  Rope work, corner work, camel clutch, surfboard, body slams, snap mare, torture rack, steiner recliner, bow and arrow, bearhug, scissorholds, matchbook pin, back breakers, and much MUCH more!  A final sleeperhold and leg-hook pin end the night for the cocky brunette, awarding KK Qing the W, and sexy victory pose!




Length: 16:31

Size: 1.5 GB