“Punches N’ Bunches!”





We fade in with Athena telling the camera that she has a match with Alexandria today, and that she has a secret! Athena proceeds to tell the camera that Alex’s soft spot is her stomach, and that she turns in to a complete bitch when you hit her in the stomach. Enter a naive Alex, who enters all smiles, in her shiny red thong leotard. Athena turns around, as Alex gives her a cheerful hello, Athena sends a HUGE gut shot right in to Alexandria’s belly! OOF! Alex’s eyes get big and she doubles over! Athena waits while Alex writhes in the pain, before she sends another big shot in to Alexandria’s bey, lifting the jobber on impact once again! Alex is pulled over to the outside ring post and set against it for a long series of gut punches, Alex letting out deep grunts and OOFS with each strike as the air gets forced from her lungs. The remainder of the match shows Alex, subject to a barrage of gut punishment, gut punches fly all over the MMW room, as Athena beats the living hell out of Alexandria’s belly, folding her in half, sending her thong clad bottom flying towards the camera! Alex is subject to more punches, kicks, and knees, as Athena inflicts horrific gut punishment on Alex! Finally Athena drags America’s BEST Jobber out of the ring, and handcuffs her arms above her head to the outside ring post, where she proceeds to send huge shots in to the now bound Alexandria’s stomach! Shot after shot, Alex begs for the torment to stop, but her cries fall.on deaf ears as Athena gets a crowbar and continues her assault, destroying poor Alex’s mid section with crowbar shot, after crowbar shot! Alex is a sobbing mess As Athena climbs behind her, and uses the hook of the crowbar to hook Alex around the neck. Alex is gagging and flailing, still bound, her eyes bulge and she twitches and turns red, frantically she shakes as Athena chokes her to a KO! Alex dangle knocked out from the handcuffs, as Athena exits. Leaving a defeated, bound, KOd Alex, on display for the next fighters to find.


Length: 10:59

Size: 1.13 GB